Opening ‘The Marx Lounge’ – Alfredo Jaar

The idea of The Marx Lounge came about when the financial crisis reestablished the relevance of Marx’ writings. Significantly the same system that had dismissed Marx brought him back. The artist mentioned furthermore that what is on The Marx Lounge table goes beyond Marx. In a brought scope of theory Marxism and post-colonialism are put together. Besides, throughout history Marx’ writings have been totally distorted; the essential aspect of an equal division of capital often seems to be forgotten. A critical revision by means of a public reading event as such is not misplaced.

On the politics behind The Marx Lounge Jaar said: “No matter how aesthetic, art will always be political. Artists have the potential to create a model that can change the world, but there is no outside the system. I always say that we work within the system. What we do is try to give the system a human content. (…) Further, I would like to say that I really think we lost an opportunity in the very financial crisis. All the reserve money that suddenly was liberated went straight to the banks, whereas I believe that the only true capital is culture.” Alfredo Jaar, 16-04-2011.

To read more about ‘The Marx Lounge’ click here.

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