Review Jelle Bouwhuis over Hala Elkoussy’s ‘The Myths & Legends Room – The Mural’

Jelle Bouwhuis discusses Hala Elkoussy’s recent work ‘Myths & Legends Room – The Mural’. The work measures three by nine meters, and deals with the reality of life in Cairo, the city that lies at the base of almost all of Elkoussy’s works. Elkoussy produced a collage-landscape out of photographs from several contexts. Artistically, this large mural therefore exploits the ideas of the photomontage that has become ubiquitous through the advertisement industry. However, for a better understanding of the Mural’s creative background, first reference has to be made to commemorative wall paintings such as those in the National Military Museum in Cairo depicting various war scenes from Egypt’s history, the heroism of the military, and its popular support.

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