Extra: Local anthropological research of Erick Beltrán at Tropenmuseum

'The World Explained'. Foto: Tropenmuseum Amsterdam.

Mexican artist Erick Beltrán presents his project ‘The World Explained’ at Tropenmuseum Amsterdam. It consists of a large collection of interviews with so-called ‘non-experts’ on how the world functions. With a small team of anthropologists Beltrán interviewed people in Sao Paulo, Barcelona and Amsterdam. The conversations were recorded and transcribed and finally collected into an ‘Encyclopedia’, which visitors could take home. The accompanying maps and diagrams on the wall emphasise Beltrán’s theory on the production of knowledge as a local-based phenomenon.

‘The World Explained’ is on view until March 11. Click here to read a report in Dutch.

One Response to Extra: Local anthropological research of Erick Beltrán at Tropenmuseum

  1. Heel belangrijk project om mensen hun denk producten te laten leveren en tegen het westerse klankbord aan te laten houden.
    Zelf heb ik zo een aantal theorien opgebouwd.
    Over NL&Su: mistanden tussen mensen en in natuur rechtzetten; Indorado na Eldorado; Cultuurdozijn; over de tijd ook. Take Five!
    Ik kom straks wel ff langs. 4 maart 2012

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